Joan of Arc – Tim Melena Theo Bobby review: A Quarter of a Century Ends Here

Words by Kayleigh Osborne-Brown Joan of Arc have enchanted the world by defying musical norms throughout their legendary 25-year career, and their swansong swells with the well-loved unpredictability of Tim Kinsella’s various musical indulgences. Tim Melina Theo Bobby carries us down the band’s trajectory away from mainstream appeal, and it is difficult not to applaud […]

A Brief Look at Our Friends from Australia…

Before we begin, I would like to make one thing abundantly clear – my knowledge of Australia is based on two things: Re-runs of Neighbours and Steve Irwin. One narrative based around a solitary street on which the entirety of Australia’s problems seem to congregate (why Ramsay Street’s inhabitants all still live there I’ve no […]

Sam Eagle releases introspective EP – Something Out of Nothing

Sam Eagle releases his highly-anticipated EP – a melt-in-your-mouth, soulful-bowlful of cathartic vibes. The first release since signing to Cooking Vinyl, Something Out of Nothing sees Sam mature from his highly-regarded 2019 debut, this time letting the tracks speak for themselves. Intelligent song writing that’s from both the heart and head; emotional and technical without […]

Spill Gold – Highway Hypnosis review

Words by Ashleigh Keenan-Bryce If you are looking for an ethereal yet feel good album to get you out of the lockdown funk, Spill Gold’s debut album Highway Hypnosis is the one. This is the first album for the Amsterdam-based duo of Nina de Jong and Rosa Ronsdorf for underground imprint Knekelhuis. Spill Gold first […]

Phoebe Bridgers – Copycat Killer review

Words by Spencer O’Brien Phoebe Bridgers hits the ball out the park again with her new EP Copycat Killer; new versions of four songs that appeared on her latest album, Punisher. The four tracks Kyoto, Saviour Complex, Chinese Satellite and Punisher flow together beautifully back-to-back, with a soothing, melodic beat playing throughout. The EP was […]

Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep

By Amber Middleton @diaryofabar Hachiku, known to friends and family as Anika Ostendorf, is a Melbourne-based artist with a bloody stunning voice. She’s signed to Courtney Barnett’s label, Milk! Records, and you can really get that Barnett vibe…including her actual barnet.  In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of Hachiku until a week ago, but in […]

From the archives: Ian Brown – Ripples

Returning with his first album in a decade, Ian Brown seems to play it safe with ‘Ripples’, a jumbled array of tracks that tease political narrative and bold life-affirmation.  As the dust settles and we finally…yes, finally come to terms with the fact the Stone Roses perhaps did only record two more tracks, and we’re […]